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article By Lee McEwan-Brown, Staff ReporterA recent article in the Australian newspaper has revealed the history of the Tiger Auto-Parts business and its owner, Jim and Barbara Kander.

The article says the Kanders bought the business in 1994 and expanded it into Tiger Autoparts in 2002.

The Kanders are not the only Tiger owners to own an auto parts shop in Australia.

The Kander family owns a dealership in Melbourne and a car dealership in Perth.

The owners of the Kander Auto-parts business, the Tiger Parts business, in Australia are Jim and Marlena Kander, and Barbara and Tony KanderAccording to the article, the Kanches started the business after a family tragedy when their son was killed by a drunk driver.

“We were devastated to hear the news of his death and the loss of his family, and we decided to take on the responsibility of the business,” Barbara Kanders said.

The family is also now working with a Melbourne-based organisation called the Royal Australian College of Accident and Emergency Medicine to help patients in the Melbourne area.

“Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives a prompt, safe and effective treatment and we’re committed to delivering on that promise,” the Kanes said.

In 2017, the ABC visited the Karens’ Melbourne car dealership and the Kaneys told the ABC they were not the first to own a car parts shop.

“There was an Australian car parts retailer that was around about the same time and the owner of that shop was the first Tiger Auto parts owner in Australia,” Mr Kander said.

Tiger Auto-Parties website has links to more than 70 years of Tiger auto parts historyThe article also said the Kansons had the “highest turnover” of any Tiger owners and their “unrivaled customer service”.

The Kander brothers and the shop manager, Mr Anthony Kander are now trying to sell the business to the new owners.