New UK law allows for astro shop in UK

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive has ruled that an astroshop, or a pharmacy that sells prescription drugs to patients, can be legally allowed to sell astro-mechanical products, including the “airbrush” that contains air.

The ruling comes as the Government’s new regulatory scheme, the Astrodynamics and Astrography Bill, was due to be introduced into Parliament on Thursday.

Astrodynamic, which has an office in the capital, London, and sells a range of devices that measure the environment, will be allowed to offer the airbrush to customers.

Astro-tech was already permitted to sell the air brush under existing laws.

The Bill also requires that any astrotech shop must be able to demonstrate to Health and Standards officials that the shop complies with local health and safety laws.

As well as selling airbrushes, Astrotech also sells laser pointers, and other products to the public.

Astrobotic is not the first UK-based company to offer airbrushing to patients.

The company, which is owned by an Irishman, sells airbrushed watercolours to hospitals, as well as laser pointers.

Its airbrush is made by a company in China, and is used in the US.

The Health and Security Executive said the airbrusher was a “high-quality, easy to use and cost effective alternative to other airbrush devices.”

The Health & Safety Executive said that airbrush products should be made and sold in accordance with the rules and regulations in place in the UK, and that it was “a matter for the relevant authority”.