Aussie ‘wearing a fake beard’ to protect her identity from police

Walkers and auto parts company Walkers is advertising its own “Fake Beard” line to protect its brand, which is already under fire for not wearing a beard for more than six months.

News24 has exclusively learned that Walkers’ advertising campaign is being filmed in Adelaide and Melbourne, which have both been hit by the city’s latest spike in the coronavirus.

“We want people to understand the difference between a fake Beard and real beard,” Walkers managing director Tim Wilson told News24.

“You can’t wear a fake facial hair or beard in Australia, you’re just not allowed to.”

The Walkers website boasts that its “real beard” facial hair is “100 per cent organic, naturally grown and hand-crafted”.

“We’re offering our authentic beard and the real facial hair products that are available in the industry to help you stay safe, healthy and look good on the road,” the company said in a statement.

“Beards are one of the most recognisable signs of health, and we are working hard to make our products easy to find and buy, while keeping our brand authentic.”

Walkers CEO Tim Wilson, right, speaks to a member of the media outside a Walkers store in Adelaide, on Monday, June 3, 2020.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones A spokesperson for Walkers said the company was “fully committed to being part of a positive community environment and we believe this campaign is a powerful way to highlight that point”.

“This campaign is aimed at young people who are growing up in an environment that is challenging and is full of stigma,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of our efforts to promote a positive environment, we’ve also designed our own promotional campaign that shows our brand and products in a positive light.”

Advertisement A Walkers spokesperson told News18 that the company is “not looking to make any sweeping generalisations”.

“If anything, we want to highlight the positive things that people can do to stay healthy and in good health,” the Walkers spokesman said.

Walkers has been inundated with complaints about its facial hair line.

A spokesperson said that the product was “designed with the customer in mind”.

“The beard is 100 per cent natural and is not made with synthetic ingredients.

It is an organic product, made with natural ingredients that are harvested in Australia,” the spokesman said in the statement.

Walk’s facial hair has not been sold in Australia since April, the month Walkers stopped selling its facial products.

“The company is committed to promoting positive health in our communities and is actively exploring the possibility of selling a real beard product in the future,” the walkers spokesperson said in an email.

“While we are not actively looking to sell a beard, we will continue to be actively exploring ways to do so.”

The Australian Cancer Society said that people who were affected by the latest coronaviruses were being asked to call the Walker helpline on 1800 765 787.