Which movie franchise is best-known for its big-budget sci-fi, fantasy and horror?

Movie posters and posters for movies, such as Blade Runner, Alien, The Terminator, The X-Files and Terminator 2: Judgment Day have always been the hallmarks of sci-faction films.

The posters of those films, which feature iconic and often futuristic imagery, are iconic in themselves, but also have a lot to do with their respective filmmakers.

A poster for Blade Runner is the first to feature an image of a human face and the first poster for Alien is the very first poster to feature a silhouette of an alien.

Alien was released in 1979, and it’s the first film to ever be adapted into a live action film.

Blade Runner came out in 1982, and has been seen by more than 100 million people worldwide since its release.

Terminator 2 is the second film to be adapted in the 90s, and its poster features an image that features a human figure with a robot arm.

In the early 2000s, the first teaser trailer for the Alien sequel Alien vs Predator debuted, with a shot of a face on the beach.

But the Alien franchise has seen several films with no face or humanoid figure in the poster.

For the most part, these sci-fest films have been a little bit of a throwback to the 80s, but there have also been some notable changes.

For example, Blade Runner has featured a humanoid figure of the character Ripley on its poster, while Alien: Resurrection was released as a theatrical release in 2019.

However, some of the sci-film posters have actually evolved over time.

In some cases, the sci fi posters of the early 90s have gotten updated and have gotten some serious attention.

Here’s a look at 10 sci-movie posters that have been updated in recent years.

Blade vs. Blade – The Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner was released on December 6, 2019.

The poster for this film was released by Lionsgate, and featured a silhouette from a skyscraper with a man holding a sword and a man standing on top of a large building.

This image has been used in a number of sci fi movies.

It is one of the earliest sci fi movie posters and has become quite iconic.

Alien vs. Predator – Alien vs Predators was released October 3, 2001.

The trailer featured a young boy, who was playing with a drone.

The image showed a drone flying over the sky.

This poster was released via Paramount Pictures and featured an image from the trailer.

It has become iconic as the poster for the film.

Alien: Requiem – The Alien Requiem was released September 27, 2002.

The teaser poster featured a woman holding a small child.

This was the first time the film had featured a face in the film, as opposed to the generic “alien” face used in the trailers.

The woman holding the child had a different face in-universe, and was referred to as “Ripley.”

This poster has become a well-known sci fi poster.

Blade: Trinity – Blade: Tristan, a remake of Blade Runner’s Blade Runner: The Long Halloween, was released November 27, 2003.

This trailer featured the same scene as the first trailer, with the young boy playing with his drone.

This has become one of Blade’s most recognizable sci fi film posters.

Blade III: Reign of Blood – The sequel to Blade Runner to come out in 2003, Blade III was released May 12, 2004.

This is one that has become very popular in sci fi circles.

The scene showed a man in the future with a robotic arm.

The man with the robotic arm was an alien and was one of Ridley Scott’s favorite characters from the first Blade film.

The alien’s face had a more human face than in the first one, and the face of Ripley was a different one.

The aliens face was shown on the poster in a different scene, but it was the same face.

In addition, this poster has received more attention in the last decade than it did in the previous.

Blade Revenant – Blade Revenants third film was announced in January 2019.

In this trailer, we saw the face and voice of Rip, and also a robot with a human head, in the desert.

The face of the robot was a more humanoid face than the first movie, and Rip was also wearing a mask.

In Blade Reaves third film, we see the face, and voice, of Rip.

The robot was more humanoid, and he was wearing a helmet.

In all three of these films, the robot’s face has been changed a little in the CGI.

Blade Saga – Blade Saga was released April 12, 2020.

The film featured the face-off between Blade, a cyborg, and Blade, who has become the cyborg of the series.

Blade, was a cybertronian and Blade was a human.

This scene was filmed at a desert planet, but the CGI is now used for all the CGI scenes.

Blade Vs.

Predator 2 – The Predator