/r-e-v-e: The most annoying things in our life right now

The following is a list of the most annoying parts of life in general.


Being late to a meeting, meeting you’re going to have, or meeting someone who has no interest in you.


Trying to figure out who’s going to buy your car (they don’t, because you’re late) 3.

Not being able to get to work when you’d like to, because the road is too busy 4.

Having a hard time getting out of bed to go to the office, because it’s so crowded that you can’t leave the house 5.

Getting into fights with your roommates because you don’t know what they are going to do with your car 6.

Being unable to make it to a place where you could get a cup of coffee or something important.


Being in the wrong place at the wrong time (work, school, or a movie) 8.

Having to make an appointment at the last minute for an appointment, because someone forgot to tell you the exact time of day 9.

Being stuck in traffic that makes it hard to find your way home 10.

Being too tired to do anything about it, because your friends or family are there and you can only do so much about it 11.

Getting caught in a car accident, even if you’re only on the freeway for a few minutes, because no one wants to drive you home.


Getting in a fight with someone who’s being rude or mean to you, because they think you’re stupid or rude or don’t want to know about it. 13.

Being caught in an altercation with someone you didn’t mean to hurt or assault, because their way of doing things makes you uncomfortable 14.

Being asked to leave a meeting or a party that you didn