Toyota Motor Corp. announces first-ever U.S. manufacturing facility for its Prius hybrid car

Toyota Motor Co. announced the first U.K. manufacturing plant for its electric and plug-in hybrid car, the Prius, with the UK’s largest auto parts retailer, Junkyard Auto Parts, which will manufacture the vehicle. 

The plant is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The plant is slated to produce a fleet of up to 4,000 Priuses and will be connected to a fleet in the U. S. for sales, and production of electric vehicles in other markets, Toyota said in a statement. 

In addition, the company announced a $200 million investment by a consortium led by General Motors Co. and Toyota to build electric and hybrid vehicles at its global manufacturing facility in Coronado, Calif. 

Junkyard will continue to support Toyota’s production and sales of the Priuses, Toyota CEO Carlos Ghosn said. 

“It’s a great day for Junkyards investment in the electric vehicle and electric mobility market,” Ghosne said.

“With Junkyars investments in both electric and alternative fuel vehicles, we are making the world’s most affordable and accessible car, and we are excited to support the Priuss’ growth.” 

The investment comes as Toyota seeks to shift its focus to electric vehicles, with new plans to roll out the Priuse’s electric drivetrain by 2021. 

Toyota said it would continue to produce Priuses in the United States. 

It also said that the company has begun a series of investment in other electric vehicle brands, including Audi and BMW. 

Last year, the Japanese automaker said it was investing in more than 200 electric vehicle makers, including electric car maker BYD in China and electric car company EVOO in India. 

GM is also working on building a plant to produce electric vehicles. 

Earlier this month, Toyota announced plans to invest $2 billion in an electric vehicle factory in the Netherlands. 

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