Rippin’ Rips Out The Latest Auto Parts Ripping Out The Newest Auto Parts Source Breitbart News

A new series of automotive ads has emerged targeting new automakers, showing a new model in a new color, a new engine and a new car.

The ads, which have been appearing in local and national television, have been targeted at “new” and “young” car buyers.

The ads show a new SUV, an SUV with an electric motor, a “slimmer” SUV with a new front fascia, and a sporty coupe with an optional six-speed manual transmission.

A car in the SUV is “stylistically similar” to the one in the new ads, but “we feel this is a great way to introduce these new cars to our audience,” according to the ads’ website.

The latest ads are based on a 2014 report from the Consumer Federation of America (CFAA), which found that the average buyer in the United States is looking for a new vehicle every month.

The report found that about two-thirds of the time, new vehicles were being sold in less than $50,000.