How Baxter and Bionic Motors are building a bionic factory in Michigan

Detroit — Baxter and Biomotive Motors are both building a new factory in the Michigan city of Flint, and the automaker said it would be the largest manufacturing facility in the state.

Baxter and Biomed have teamed up to build the factory, called Bionic Auto Parts in a city that is struggling with high unemployment, the Associated Press reported.

The two companies said they plan to create 3,000 jobs over the next five years, with more than 1,000 new jobs being created every month, the AP reported.

“This will be the biggest automotive manufacturing facility and the biggest manufacturing plant in the United States of America,” Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said at a press conference Wednesday.

“It is the largest, it is the biggest, it’s the biggest in the world.”

Baxter said it expects to add more than 20,000 workers to its existing workforce by 2021.

The company said it will build the facility in two phases.

The first phase will start construction in 2020, and it expects a full-scale plant to open in 2021.

The second phase, planned to be finished by 2022, will include more than 5,000 manufacturing jobs, the Detroit News reported.

Bionic said it was the only auto manufacturer to commit to investing in Michigan, and promised to invest in a new manufacturing plant if Gov.

Rick Snyder (R) signs a bill to build an $8.4 billion facility for the automotive industry.

“The investments are going to go right to Michigan,” CEO Michael Baxter told the AP.

“We’re going to make sure that our people are here, that our factories are here.”

The news comes just a week after the company announced it would hire 400 new employees in Flint.

The city has been under the control of the governor since April 2014, and in the past two years the state has been the only place in the country that has seen more deaths due to lead-contaminated water.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Baxter said it’s important to build a manufacturing plant because it’s critical to a thriving economy.

“We believe that our manufacturing footprint will provide opportunities for the state and region, as well as our customers and employees, to further grow, expand, and expand again,” Baxter said.

“And we believe the best place for our customers to do this is in the U.S. and in Michigan.”