How to play: MLB: What to know about the postseason and playoff races

MLB: The World Series is upon us, and the 2016 season has already started, and with it a whole new round of playoff baseball.

The playoffs are still on the calendar, but the league has given the first full season of the playoffs a much better shot than its predecessors.

The 2015 season had a wild-card spot that didn’t exist for the first two years of the new playoffs, and in fact, the postseason has been the only postseason series that didn the same thing, the league said.

That is because the playoffs were a year ago, the season was a year away, and it had a new set of rules that were designed to make the playoffs even more exciting than the regular season.

With the new rules, the 2016 postseason will be much more exciting, too.

The top four teams in the division will get the right to advance, and a first-round series will be the best way to make a big run.

In other words, the best teams will make it to the postseason.

“The postseason is the best thing in sports.

I’m a big fan of it, and I’m sure everyone is,” commissioner Rob Manfred said after the league announced the postseason rules.

“I think it is going to be the most exciting thing for baseball fans and it is an exciting time.

We are going to do everything we can to make it the best it can be.”

The first round of the postseason will feature teams that are a combined 13-12 or better and play one of two sets of four games, with each game being played on one of the league’s four playoff fields.

The teams playing in the first round are the first to win the division and the first team to advance to the second round.

The first two games of the series will determine which team will advance to a second round, with the final game being a best-of-three series between the top two teams.

The first game of the four-game series will not be played in the regular-season, but Manfred announced it was coming to a TV network on Monday.

The series is scheduled to be played April 19 at Yankee Stadium, with a TV broadcast and online streaming.

The team with the best record in the two games will advance.

The second game will be played May 14 at the Oakland Coliseum, and both games will be televised and streamed on ESPN.

The games will also be televised by ESPN2 and streamed by ESPN3.

The four-team playoffs will be tied with the two-team playoff series for the longest series of the season, and Manfred hinted that there will be more playoff games, too, saying there will “probably” be more games than regular-day games in the postseason, as well.

That’s not a guarantee.

The league is expected to announce a final playoff schedule on Thursday, May 19.