What you need to know about Amazon’s new auto parts program

More than 100 U.S. auto parts suppliers and more than 150 independent retailers have signed on to a partnership with Amazon to offer Amazon Prime members access to the company’s new Prime Auto Parts program.

The program, launched this month, gives Amazon shoppers access to more than 10 million parts and parts accessories and provides them with a savings of up to $40.

The auto parts company, known as AMZN, announced the partnership last month and said it has received more than 500,000 requests from members.

The partners will also provide Prime members with access to Amazon’s Prime Free Shipping program, which allows them to pick up any order from a participating store for $5.25, a savings that typically comes in at around $1.99.

The deals will be available through Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk beginning this month.

In addition to Amazon Prime AutoParts, the company also is offering Prime Membership and Prime Gift Cards to members for $10 a month, as well as Prime Shipping, which offers free ground shipping on orders of $49 and free returns for orders over $49.

The products also are available through Prime.com for $9 a month.

The new Prime program will be rolled out across the U.K., Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada over the coming months.