Detroit auto parts maker Hannover Auto Parts to build new factory in China

A new auto parts factory in southern China is scheduled to open in 2019, according to Reuters.

The plant will employ 1,200 people and produce parts for more than 3,500 vehicles, according Reuters.

Hannover, which makes some of the world’s most popular automotive components, said it will open the factory in Hubei Province in 2019 in a bid to expand production in the city.

The company is a partner in a joint venture with China General Automobile Group.

The factory will employ approximately 1,000 people, according the Reuters report.

The city of Hubeiyang has a population of nearly 9 million, but it has been plagued by a long-running corruption scandal, including bribery, according a recent article in China’s state-run Global Times newspaper.

The scandal, which was exposed by a state-owned newspaper, led to the resignation of China’s vice-premier.