How to fix the Mazda MX-5 Miata crash

The Mazda MX5 Miatas are a great car to drive.

The way they handle on roads is outstanding, and they are very reliable.

However, there have been a few crashes that have put people’s lives at risk.

There have been many accidents where cars have been hit and damaged, and others where people have lost limbs and legs.

Now a few of us are talking about a crash that has put a person in a medically induced coma.

It happened in the small town of Krasnoyarsk, in central Russia, where a Miata was driven by a 21-year-old man.

The man suffered serious injuries and died at the hospital.

His name is Yury Gubarev, and he is a 21 year old man who lives in the town of Omsk.

In a car park nearby, Gubandrov was talking to his girlfriend, Anna.

The two were going to meet her boyfriend, an auto mechanic, who works for an auto parts shop in the city.

He had left work early that morning and had driven back to the car park from a restaurant.

Gubanderv had been talking to Anna for some time, and the couple had been having sex for about an hour.

They were in a car with a woman who was about to get out of the car, and then they stopped.

After they parked the car and got out of it, the man’s body started to fall into the street.

Anna was not wearing a seatbelt, so she could not keep the car on the road and drove home.

When she got home, she noticed the car was badly damaged.

She called 911 and the emergency services arrived within two minutes.

They put the car in the ambulance and drove it to the hospital, where Gubandrv was rushed to hospital.

He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Anna is a nurse, and she works for the city health service.

She had been working in the health department since March.

Gubev’s family told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that they were surprised that the police had not contacted the driver.

Anna’s boyfriend was driving a car that the health service had inspected and found to be in good condition.

Anna told Kommersant that the driver had been driving a Miat that had already been inspected and the owner had paid the insurance.

Anna said she believes the driver, who was a young man, had been waiting for the Miata and wanted to drive it to work.

According to Anna, the driver told the health services that the car had been checked for gas, and had been repaired.

She also said that the Miat was covered by insurance.

According the police, the car has been towed to a garage and will be repaired and repaired.

The driver had also called his girlfriend and told her to stay in contact with him.

In his final messages to Anna he said he had lost his job, and that his life was in danger.

He also told her that he was sorry for what he had done, and said he wanted to make up for his mistake by paying for his car.

GUBANDROV’S FRIEND AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSOR The health services are also investigating the cause of the crash.

Komsogorskaya Pivda newspaper reports that a forensic examination of the accident scene has been ordered, and investigators are examining how Guborov managed to hit the Miats.

A report is expected in the coming days.

The health authorities have opened a criminal investigation.

Anna has contacted her family to tell them about the accident, but she is not sure if they will be able to get the car repaired.

According her father, she is trying to make amends for what she did and she has told them she does not want to be with anyone else.