How to get a ‘big’ discount at the Mall of America with a ‘Big Sale’ deal

A mall in New Jersey recently ran a promotion where they were offering an additional 10% discount on everything from clothes to cars to jewelry to electronics.

According to the New York Post, the sale was on sale for “a week,” which means that if you bought an item online on Friday and it was on Sale on Sunday, you’d get $8.20 off that same item on Monday.

The Mall of AmeriCares website notes that this is not the first time the promotion has been in effect at the mall.

In fact, the Mall has offered similar promotions before.

Here’s how to get it. 1.

Check out a Mall of Americas store or online 2.

Check if the offer is open to shoppers who have pre-ordered an item from a certain brand or category 3.

Call the store 4.

Order the item and check out on your computer or tablet 5.

Click on the “buy” button, then on the item’s page to see if it’s available for you to purchase 6.

Check to see whether the price is valid for pre-order or not 7.

If it’s valid for sale, then you’ll be able to buy the item online or through a store.


You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the Mall’s website.


If you don’t receive an email, you can check the status of the offer by going to the “Store” page and checking the “Search for Deal” box.


Click the “Get Yours” link, then click “Go.”


You should now be able buy an item at a Mall store or via a local mall store.


Be sure to add your location to the map so you know exactly where you’re going to be buying and where you can get help if something goes wrong.


You will receive a receipt showing you the total value of the item you purchased and the store you ordered from.

You can also view your credit card transaction details for an additional fee.


You may also receive an “Approved for Sale” sticker that will appear on your car, jewelry, or electronics display case.


If the offer isn’t valid for you, you may be able get the item back if it is in stock or at a discount.


Be careful when you purchase items online or in stores, especially in the case of electronics, since the price could change at any time.


Make sure you’re always checking the Mall Store and the Mall App before making a purchase.


The information you receive will be accurate, and the information you provide will be kept confidential.