Walmart opens new auto parts shop in Miami

The Miami-based company has officially opened a new auto repair and parts store in Miami.

The store will be the company’s first outside of the United States, according to a press release.

The new auto shop will be located at the Miami-Dade County Convention Center, which is on the National Mall.

It will offer an assortment of new and used auto parts.

The new shop will include an array of auto parts including new airbags, new air intakes, airbags and new air bags, the release said.

The company said the new auto store is located at an intersection of two major roads.

The announcement comes amid a wave of recent store closures, including a planned store opening on July 7 in Miami, a store that was supposed to open earlier this year in New York City.

The news comes after Walmart announced it would close a chain of stores across the country this year.

The company said it will be closing down stores in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Missouri and Oregon.

Walmart will also close down some of its other retail locations in Georgia, Alabama and Texas.

Wal-Mart’s new auto-parts store is not the first location the company has opened in Miami-Ikea.

The retailer has previously opened in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.