How to buy auto parts in India

Buyer beware of auto parts shops in India.

The Indian government has imposed a ban on selling parts for any kind of vehicles and a ban is likely to come into force soon, which means there will be a huge shortage of parts for vehicles such as motorcycles, pickup trucks and SUV’s.

The reason behind the shortage is unknown.

In a report on the issue, IANS wrote that India has been facing a shortage of automotive parts for years.

The shortage is caused by various factors including a lack of financing for new vehicle sales and a lack and lack of access to new parts.

The report also said that most of the manufacturers are facing a tough time in the market, with a slowdown in sales and increasing inventory.

There has been a surge in imports of vehicle parts over the past few years.

In 2017, Indian auto parts companies had a combined total of 2.2 billion units.

The report said that the government had also introduced an excise tax of up to 10% on auto parts sales in order to encourage consumers to purchase them.

The government has already taken steps to make auto parts more affordable, but a ban will affect the market even further.

According to the report, the government has proposed a range of measures to reduce the shortage of auto components in the country, including the introduction of new tariffs on imported parts and the introduction and strengthening of the National Automotive Parts Policy.

The policy has been launched after the Supreme Court, in May, ordered that the existing price of new auto parts for a new vehicle would be raised to at least Rs.2,500 from Rs.1,000.

The Government has also proposed a series of measures including raising the price of imported components, increasing the price and setting up of an online website that would allow consumers to find out the current market price for new and used auto parts.