Auto parts store Genden Auto Parts has a new CEO

TechCrunch article Gendenden is one of the world’s largest auto parts suppliers.

Its stores now sell everything from cars to kitchen knives.

But that’s not the only way the company has changed.

Its CEO, John Gendens, says he’s changed the way he runs the company.

He says the changes are in part because he’s been told that the company is losing sales.

Gendes new hire, Steve Stadler, is a former CEO at GM.

Stadlers job, too, was to push back against GM’s takeover of GM and Ford, and he’s now trying to change Gendener’s thinking.

In an interview with me, he said the company had been planning to do the same.

“The way I see it, we have to go forward,” he said.

“You can’t go backward.”

In an email, Gendensen said he had been told by Stadlin that he was not doing a good job, and that he needed to get rid of the CEO position.

He said he would not be leaving the company but would be resigning, which means the company would no longer have a CEO.

Grendens new hires are all part of a new leadership team.

They’ve been hired from different areas of the company, like manufacturing and logistics.

They will be paid more than GM’s current chief executive, Mike Ilitch, but they will still be paid the same salary.

GM said the team had been preparing for this for months.

“Genden has always had a strong track record of achieving our long-term objectives in both the auto industry and our community,” GM CEO Dan Akerson said in a statement.

“We are proud of their achievements and look forward to welcoming them to GM in a new and exciting role.”

GM has been facing questions about its leadership since it announced it would buy General Motors for $6.7 billion.

Since then, the company’s stock has dropped by nearly a third, and its shares have lost nearly half their value since the deal was announced.

GM’s shares have declined by more than 15% in 2017.

Gends new hiring comes after other companies announced that they would be shutting down their manufacturing operations.

That includes Walmart, which has announced that it will close its stores by 2020.

Walmart said it would close its manufacturing operations in South Carolina and Mississippi.

GM announced a plan to shut down its distribution centers in Tennessee and Kentucky, which will affect its U.S. operations.

Genders hiring has also come as other companies are moving to diversify their supply chains.

Earlier this month, Walmart announced it was buying a controlling stake in online grocer Amazon, which is also moving to shift some of its manufacturing to Asia.

It said it will also start making products at a factory in Alabama.

Gendingen said it was not planning to close its factory.

“At Gendenhins current level of business, there are no plans to close our facility at any time,” he wrote.

“As a result, Grenden will continue to be part of the auto community for the foreseeable future.”

He said it also was not considering leaving the auto parts business.