China and the U.S. should stop buying U.N.-made vehicles, Trump says

President Donald Trump said Thursday he was “not going to stand for this” when it comes to buying American-made military equipment, even if it’s from overseas.

Trump’s comments came after a report from Bloomberg Businessweek that he had asked the Pentagon to stop purchasing U.T.O.s, which are built by General Dynamics Corp., a company that is headquartered in Virginia.

He had been expected to take steps to end the purchase of U.O.-style weapons after a U.K. parliamentary committee recommended the move.

“I am not going to be a part of it,” Trump said at the White House.

“But I think that they are very expensive.

They’re very expensive.”

The U.F.O., also known as a TOW missile, was designed to destroy armored vehicles and aircraft, but it was first used in the Vietnam War.

Trump has said he will end the U,S.

arms sales to China and Russia if they are not able to keep their promises to end China’s takeover of Taiwan.

Trump, a Republican, has not taken a position on the U-turns on arms sales in general, but said he has not ruled them out.

The administration has spent more than $2 billion on new U.U.S.-made weapons since he took office in January, including a $6.7 billion purchase of four F-35 fighter jets.

Trump said Wednesday he was interested in “clarifying a couple of things” with Chinese President Xi Jinping and that he would ask Xi to work with Congress to ensure the US. can continue its arms sales.

He also said that if Xi wants the U.-S.

relationship to continue, he needs to work out the details of the deal.